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English Language Diploma

Resal Organization aims to provide high-quality online educational programs to all students. In line with this mission, we are delighted to announce the English Language Development (ELD) scholarship!
This program is designed to assist students from diverse backgrounds in enhancing their language skills to a collegiate and academic level. By doing so, it increases their chances of success in their current and future university studies, eliminates social deprivation, and promotes personal growth and development."

"This program will be available to any current student who wishes to enhance their English language skills."

The scholarship provides the following features and benefits:

The scholarship is open to students of all nationalities.

The study sessions are live

Live lessons interactive, allowing for active participation and engagement between the student and the instructor.

Students will learn American English Accent.

This includes correct pronunciation, tone, intonation, and different voice tones when asking questions, emotion, calmness, and so on

Class sessions are recorded.

After the live session with the teacher ends, there is a link to the fully recorded study session

Flexibility of attendance

There are three timings: morning, afternoon, and evening. The student can attend at any time

Our curriculum for the academic track includes the following components:

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