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Contact us directly if you encounter any problem sending donations

Becom a Volunteer

If you would like to join us, you are always welcome

You can just click on any donate button and it will be sent to the form. You choose the value, write some data, and click Donate Now

You can just fill out the form designated for that and upload your CV to show your skills. If you are accepted into one of the vacancies, you will be contacted via email.

Donations are accepted in any form and in the easiest way available to you. Just contact us at the following email for guidance: info@resal.org

It stands for English Language Diploma, in which the student studies the English language at various levels

When the ELD grant is announced, you can easily register via the registration form, which only takes a few minutes

All funds collected from donors are spent on existing projects, such as the ELD project, or the surplus is used on new development projects.

Yes, a little always makes a difference. You can donate $5. You can also shop within our shop and buy any product and it will be sent to whoever deserves it from us.

Yes, however at a reduced rate

You can contact us and send a picture of the product or your clothes, and if it is in good condition, we will respond to you and ask you to ship it within the same area in which you live to someone in need.

There is no specific date for the scholarship launch